Concealment of the Origins of Armenian Artifacts

Concealment of the Origins of Armenian ArtifactsUndoubtedly, Armenia and the Armenian Highlands are the most interesting historical places on earth.

This makes Armenians happy and proud even though some of their valuable artifacts are found during excavations on the territories of the Armenian Highlands that are not a part of the modern Republic of Armenia. That’s because all these finds are directly connected with Armenians, their history and, according to the latest data on the excavations, history of all mankind.

Everything in the territory of modern Armenia becomes public property of the whole world while various artifacts in the territory of modern Turkey at best are being hidden in Turkish museums. The most absurd thing is that the Turks tell unbelievable stories about those miraculously preserved finds. Everyone (not only the Turks) tells a unique story, be he or she a local or a museum guide.

For example, in regard to the artifact found near Mount Ararat and depicted on the image below, one Sitchin, who has seemingly been just a charlatan (you can find data on that on, told a nice story about aliens and the Homo Sapiens created by them for the purpose of being used as slaves exclusively.

Let’s hope that it will become possible to study the found artifacts better, unless, of course, the Turks continue to destroy them as usual.

In the meantime, the Turks quietly unearth the archaeological antiquities of the Armenian people and hide them in museums to help them fabricate some stories. Of course, they have nothing to say about those artifacts because they are much older than the Ottomans and Oguzes combined. Particularly, the most ancient image of an astronaut discovered during excavations in the Rusakhinli area near Van is kept at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.

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