Could Etchmiadzin Demand Its Property From Turkey?

We often hear that instead of running around the world’s political fields and asking nations and states to delve into our tragedy and recognize the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey, we must demand that  Turkey compensate for the state-organized ethnic killings.

Although this observation is objective, it for some reason is ignored in Armenia. Furthermore, Armenians at various levels voice claims against Turkey regarding compensation but are met with great resistance.

The fact that this resistance is backed up by most countries that have participated in the Genocide is understandable. However, it just so happens that Armenian authorities are also supporting this resistance. Testimonies to this are government attacks on the Armenian Church, culture, history, and the Armenian language.

The roots and objectives of the attacks are much deeper than we can imagine. But let us consider one of the directions – the Armenian Apostolic Church.

It turns out that back in 2015, the Church was preparing an official demand addressed to Turkey to return the property of the Armenian Church. However, according to official information, this never happened.

In contrast, a seizure of power occurred in Armenia in 2018, after which the Church began to be subjected to frequent, harsh attacks. During the years of the notorious Levon Ter-Petrosyan, the Church was subjected to identical attacks, from which one can draw a simple conclusion as to who organizes these attacks and for what purpose.

The style is already known, and the goals are clear – to weaken the Armenian state with the ensuing consequences. Art-A-Tsolum has a small audience, but even the small traffic on this site greatly worries current authorities. Thus, taking advantage of our small opportunities, Art-A-Tsolum urges you to think about who is ruling Armenia at this stage. Maybe traitors? Maybe enemies like Turks?

So under these conditions, Armenia is unlikely to be able to make any claims against Turkey.

Էջմիածինը կարող է Թուրքիայից պահանջել բռնազավթված սեփականությունը

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