Cultural Genocide After the Genocide of a Nation – The Turkish Policy of Destroying Armenian Monuments (Video + English Subs)

Cultural Genocide After the Genocide of a NationThe film shows the condition of the Historical Monuments residing in Western Armenia, which has been occupied by Turkey since 1915. Additionally, it exposes the policy of Turkish authorities on the annihilation of the Armenian historical monuments and shows the present-day state of the Armenian artifacts compared to their condition several decades ago.

Their actions have led and continue to lead to the destruction of the unique cultural heritage, which forms a part of world civilization. By executing such criminal policy in an attempt of getting rid of thousands of Armenian monuments, they destroy the history of ancient Nation culture.

Such unprecedented vandalism perfectly demonstrates the attitude of the Turkish government towards not only Armenians but everyone who “dares” to stand in the way of their imperialistic policy. It does not respect and does not appreciate the religion, beliefs, and history of the Christian population, which lived on the territory of the Ottoman Empire.

If they did, they wouldn’t commit bloody massacres, such as the horrible Armenian Genocide, among several mass killings of other Christian people. And in the light of their policy of denial of their crimes, it is not so surprising that they destroy the traces of the past Christian presence without any hesitation.

And as long as modern Turkey does not accept their crimes and continues to wipe out ancient Armenian and other monuments, no one can be sure that they won’t commit the same atrocities once more.

Script by Samvel Karapetyan Directed by Trdat Karapetyan and Tiran Karapetyan

Another Genocide after the Genocide (with English subtitles)

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