Cuneiform Description of Noah’s Ark from Armenia

Cuneiform Description of Noah’s Ark from ArmeniaNoah’s Ark hasn’t been an invincible ship of a giant size, as it is typically considered, but merely a large ship. British scholar Irving Finkel came to this conclusion after discovering a cuneiform plate made by the person who is usually referred to as the Biblical Noah.

This 3,700 years old cuneiform document was found in 1940 by historian Leonard Simmons in the territory of modern Armenia. Mr. Finkel argues that at least a dozen such plates exist, but only the particular exemplar he examined contains a detailed sketch of the ark. In its essence, the plate tells the story of one king Atrakhasis who was tasked by God to build a huge vessel that could sustain yet unseen loads and that had to be built from cane in a round form.


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