Degradation of Morals in Armenia

Degradation of Morals in ArmeniaThe degradation of the Armenian society is quite obvious. It is not necessary to be deeply acquainted with the ancient Armenian history to spot the differences between the modern and old cultures as the tendency for loss of morals isn’t a new thing.

I remember my grandmother (she was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, lived in Gyumri and worked in Yerevan, Armenia) saying that Armenians used to keep the entrance doors of their apartments unlocked. I have noticed the same traditions in my childhood when people have been mainly locking the doors only at night.

Lately, apparently, it might have been the same as the doors of the house of the Gyumri family killed in January 2015 by Russian serviceman Valery Permyakov were not locked. During the coverage of the massacre, reporters mentioned that the rusty locks of the house have not been used for a long time.

Not so long ago people in Armenia trusted each other. For instance, people planted fertile trees in the yards and were sure that nobody would even want to harm them. Today, in place of the trees and little gardens are garages, which have been built to be sold for megabucks.

The video (on Armenian) below is about morals in ancient Armenia. It is very difficult to be proud of our ancestors’ culture and traditions when you see how spoiled some people in Armenia are today.

Those are the people who heartlessly and scot-free destroy the natural and cultural properties of the Armenian land, not thinking about their or their children’s future.

Their illegal impunity is the reason that moral standards are being forgotten by population of Armenia as people can’t or do not want to fight against it out of fear.

But that terror should not and cannot prevent people’s development, and that is the thing Armenians must understand. After realizing their freedom, Armenians will no longer bow to the scum who think they own a nation.

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