Demolition of Ancient Buildings in the Amberd Fortress Area

Demolition of Ancient Buildings

Who are these “people” who give permission for vandalism, thus making it legal? Who are these “people” who mercilessly destroy their own culture, if it is even theirs? Who are these “people” who consider themselves masters of the oldest buildings that have been standing for thousands of years and with which they have nothing to do?

What is the point of looking back at the Turks today and screaming about the destruction of the cultural heritage of Armenians in the territory of Historical Armenia to the whole world and calling it a cultural genocide if in the territory of modern Armenia, ancient monuments can be destroyed by anyone?

Karahunj was first, and now, they switched to Amberd.

What kind of nitwit from the inside organizes and enforces the demolition of ancient Armenian heritage? Who indulges this with their silence? And what kind of bastard enforces this plan in front of everyone?

There are many questions, but there are no answers.

Let’s get back to Amberd. Local civilians are expressing their disturbance with construction works carried out with heavy equipment in the area of the Amberd fortress in the territory of the oldest cyclopean buildings.

On April 23, the website received many warnings from citizens who expressed concern about the illegal operation of heavy equipment near the historical and cultural reserve of Amberd Fortress in the province of Aragatsotn.

In a conversation with photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, citizens said: “Amberd has survived for many centuries. It has become one of the tourist attractions of Armenia, and now, one Manuk Manukyan decided to destroy the historical and cultural district with the help of heavy machinery right in front of Amberd Fortress where he is going to build a catering facility.”

Քաղաքացիներն ահազանգում են «Ամբերդ ամրոց»-ի տարածքում ծանր տեխնիկայով վանդալիզմ են իրականացնում

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