Disassembly of Andranik’s Monument in Sochi

Disassembly of Andranik’s Monument in SochiThe opening ceremony in honor to the erection of a monument of Andranik Ozanyan, an Armenian general of the Russian army, should have been held in the Russian village of Volkonka on May 28, 2011, which is the independence day of the First Republic of Armenia established in 1918. Over 5,000 Armenians from all over Russia were supposed to participate in the event.

However, the local authorities categorically opposed the opening of the monument and announced that Armenians should dismantle it, otherwise, the authorities would do it themselves by breaking the monument down. The local government explained its position by the possibility of Turkey refusing to take part in the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi prior to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

In the evening of May 27, the monument was dismantled at the initiative of the Union of Armenians of Russia. The chairman of the Union Hrach Makeyan was also present.

P.S 5. 08. 2016 At the Sochi International Airport massively dismiss workers with Armenian surnames. This statement was made by airport staff.

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