Egyptian Writer Is Making Films Covering Turkish Massacres of Armenians

Egyptian Writer Is Making Films Covering

Prominent Egyptian writer, TV host, and actor Tamer Abdul Miniem has recently completed the shooting of the film “Al-Arman” (Armenians). He wrote on his personal website that this film will be the first to present evidence of the Turkish massacres and the violent actions of the bloodthirsty Ottoman Empire.

Tamer Abdul Miniem also noted that the position of the Egyptian Armenians at the beginning of the 20th century will be reflected in an upcoming series of films. He is also planning to participate in a press conference dedicated to his future films to share some details on them.

It should be mentioned that Tamer Abdul Miniem is also the author of many articles published in the Egyptian media, one of which is the well-known Al-Ahram al-Mas.

Tamer Abdul Miniem has held various positions in the cultural institutions of Egypt and has made a great contribution to Egyptian films as an actor, director, and producer.

Source: horizonweekly

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