Erdogan: “The Karabakh Issue Is The Most Critical In The Caucasus Over The Past 30 Years”

During his October 7 visit to Qatar, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave an interview to the local English-language newspaper “The Peninsula”, in which he mentioned the Armenian-Azerbaijani military operations.

Erdogan once again accused Armenia of “occupying Azerbaijani lands”, stating that the clashes allegedly began after Armenia’s attack on Azerbaijani settlements.

As for supporting Azerbaijan, Erdogan said the following. “Turkey supports the Azerbaijani state and people on the principle of ‘one nation, two states’ both before and after this. We will continue to support our Azerbaijani brothers by all means”.

According to the Turkish President, the states involved in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict and international organizations have condemned this issue as unsolvable. Therefore, he believes that for the final solution of the issue, it is necessary to apply UN resolutions and international law.

Erdogan, who considers the Karabakh issue to be the most significant crisis in the Caucasus over the past 30 years, said: “Armenia, always demonstrating an aggressive and hostile attitude towards the Turkish people, is the biggest obstacle to regional peace and stability.”

He also addressed the accusations made by Armenia, which prove that Turkey is participating in the hostilities on the Artsakh front. Erdogan refused to accept them, noting that Armenia is taking such steps out of despair.

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