Erdogan’s Ban on Apple Products is Connected with Steve Jobs Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Erdogan’s Ban on Apple ProductsOn August 22, 2018, the American Foreign Policy magazine published an article about the problems of the economy of Turkey, particularly those concerning the Turkish lira.

The author of the material Esther Owens remarks that, in spite of the objective reasons behind the collapse of the lira, the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames the US, Apple, and “fake news” for it and suggest to ban American products.

Owens writes that Erdogan’s boycott list seems “more like a collection of things Erdogan saw on a trip to a shopping mall.” Moreover, the author reckons that the ban of Apple has more to do with Steve Jobs acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide rather than with his desire to hurt the US, especially given the fact that Apple produces their devices in China.

Owens remarks that Erdogan can only blame himself for the collapse of the lira due to the fiscal policy of Turkey in the recent years and his meddling with interest rates which deprived the country’s central bank of its autonomy.


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