Even if Armenians Forgive us, God Will Not Forgive Us – Turkish Columnist Ridvan Şahin

Even if Armenians Forgive us, God Will Not Forgive UsWhen April 2 comes, my heart contracts, my conscience hurts, and I get ashamed that I am a human. When April 2 comes, before my eyes are women who had fallen on the road, children who had died of starvation, and mothers forcedly leaving their own houses.

Yes, April 2. On this day in the city of Van is celebrated the day of “the liberation from the enemy”. 97 years ago on this day, anyone who killed 7 Armenians was guaranteed a place in paradise. Some of the Armenians of Van were deported, while the rest were shot from firearms when their murderers were trying to figure out how many Armenians can be killed with one shot.

They were killed very cruelly, were subjected to terrible torture. False stories have been invented to destroy the traces of Armenians. Hey, Muslims, how long will you hold out with such false stories and denial?

Let the grandchildren of the Young Turks justify the mistakes of their grandfathers: others, do not become complicit in these sins. Islam says: if someone commits evil and violence, stop protecting them and fight against them.

We even destroyed the cemeteries of the grandfathers and sons of Armenians, thinking that there is gold there… Today, we have to learn the realities, listen to our conscience, and voice the truth. Excuse us, our grandfathers could not protect your grandfathers. We apologize,” writes Ridvan Şahin.

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