Falsification of the Armenian History by Azerbaijan – Documentary

Falsification of history is not a new phenomenon. The purpose of falsifications appeared with the ambitions of conquest. For example, the first and most massive falsifier is Alexander the Great, a man who destroyed a plethora of knowledge of the ancient culture.

This was connected with the idea of the forceful conquest of the world, in which everything different than the concept of imperialism was perceived as hostile. This type of culture includes ethnic cultures of different peoples of the world. In general, the idea of Alexander actually turned out to be insane and stillborn.

The paradox is that even after thousands of years, this crazy idea still stirs up the human imagination. After the Macedonian Empire, the world has seen many more powerful empires.

But no matter how the systems of newly emerged empires were calculated and improved, they sooner or later often disappeared together with their peoples and languages.

Following the example of Alexander, many imperial systems were juggling and falsifying the history of more ancient peoples in order to justify the seizure of foreign territories.

The people of Armenia belong to an ancient nation. It is for this reason that the history of Armenia was falsified possibly most of all.

Given the erasure of documentary sources, the only option of passing knowledge left for to the Armenians was telling it verbally. In the absence of documentation, the generations-old stories would be then considered legends and mythology.

And some of those stories would be still interpreted as only tales if not for genetic analyses confirming the correctness of the barely surviving information. For example, the approximate date of the creation of the Armenian state asserted by Movses Khorenatsi was confirmed on the basis of genetic analyzes. For the study, see genetic evidence for the origin of the Armenians from Bronze Age reproduction of multiple populations.

Scientific achievements of recent times allow to slowly and surely correct old mistakes and falsifications.

As already mentioned, the beginning of the falsification of the history of Armenia is considered to be the epoch of Alexander the Great. It was succeeded by almost every empire and world power, including the Soviet Union, which was responsible for the most impudent and unprecedented falsifications.

The main tool for falsifying the history of Armenia was and still is Azerbaijan, which along with the Turks illegally took away or was gifted with the territories of historical Armenia.

The falsifications of the Russia + Turkey + Azerbaijan union will be discussed in the below video.  The documentary, “Falsification of history – Azerbaijan”, was provided by the YouTube channel of historian Artak Movsisyan.


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