Fazil Mustafa on the Contribution of “Azerbaijani Science to the Discovery of America”

Fazil Mustafa on the Contribution of "Azerbaijani ScienceAzerbaijani member of the parliament Fazil Mustafa ridiculed the thesis “The Role of Azerbaijani Science in the Discovery of America” introduced in school textbooks of Azerbaijan with the aim of cultivating “patriotism” among schoolchildren. This was reported by the Azerbaijani online newspaper faktxeber.com.

“They ask why people are criticizing false patriots and historians. Look at this: “The role of Azerbaijani science in the discovery of America.” I still cannot understand what role Azerbaijani science played in the world in the 21st century, and yet people talk about the role of Azerbaijani science in the discovery of America back in the 15th century,” he said.

According to the parliamentarian, the absurdity lies in the fact that this thesis is reflected in school textbooks. “And tomorrow, some student will defend a thesis on the topic “The role of a group of historians from the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in the discovery of America,” Mustafa added mockingly.

According to Azerbaijani scholars, Christopher Columbus discovered America thanks to the writings of medieval Persian scholar Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, who is considered to be “Azerbaijani” in Azerbaijan.

“Which sane scientist can call the heritage of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi Azerbaijani science? Is there anything in the 13th century, any source that mentions Azerbaijan? Or where and when did Columbus talk about using al-Tusi’s legacy?” Mustafa wondered.

In order to demonstrate the scientific level of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, F. Mustafa gave another amusing example. So, the topic of the scientific dissertation of “one respected scientist” – “Tourism in primitive society” – caused undisguised laughter in the parliamentarian. “Could anyone in the primitive society think about tourism?” He noted.

According to the parliamentarian, during the period of “spouting” of petrodollars in Baku, a conference was held on the topic “Azerbaijani model of economy”. Now, this topic is forgotten, since its absurdity has been realized.

“I want to advise our scientists to choose convincing names for their scientific theses so that respect for them does not devaluate in the same way as it happened with the Azerbaijani manat,” concluded Fazil Mustafa.

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