From The History of the Myth of the “Age-old Brotherhood” Between Armenia and Russia – Documentary Film

From The History of the Myth of the "Age-old Brotherhood"They say that the devil’s biggest lie was that he convinced humanity that he does not exist. This is the logic of the enemy’s cunning. Imagine that you entered the ring and you are convinced that there are no opponents.

You are completely in the open: moreover, you are not going to defend yourself. Who do you need to defend yourself from if there are no opponents? But they are right in front of you and are preparing to strike, which for you, in any case, will end fatally.

The “age-old friendship” and the brotherhood between Russia and Armenia follows the same scenario. Propagandists to this day are convincing Armenians that Russia is the elder brother and defender of Armenia, while there is a lot of documentary evidence proving the contrary.

Not to mention that they have been for quite some time supplying the Turks with modern armament, as well as constantly blackmailing and provoking conflicts that had the potential of growing into big wars. The April of 2016 is a great testimony to this.

All sorts of documents of the aggressive and predatory politic of the Moscow Tatars are constantly published on all media resources. We have published quite a few of such documents on our website.

Still, the propaganda conducted by the horde from the territory of Russia seeks to make a fool of the Armenian population not only in the eyes of the Russian society but also in the territory of Armenia itself.

The horde has one “truth” for the Armenians: it is thanks to the Russians that the Turks haven’t wiped them out. However, in the late 19th century, Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid’s idea of the slaughtering the Armenians was fueled by none other than the Russian Empire.

For those who think that the Russian Empire was a completely different state: even after Russia became a Soviet republic, it carried on its brotherly relations with Turkey and even presented them with vast historical Armenian territories.

By the way, the Sovietization of Armenia which led to the loss of the priceless lives of patriots, civilians, large territories, and the Armenian potential took place with the help of the then Bolsheviks of Armenian origin.

Today, this element is just as aggressive as one hundred years ago. Since experience tells us what the activation of this element leads to, it should be neutralized not as an opponent but as a threat to national security, to the statehood of Armenia, and to the physical existence of the Armenian nation.

The truth cannot be hidden.

I bring to your attention a short documentary about the surrender of Kars. Please watch it carefully so that there are no subsequent disputes about how, under what circumstances, and with whose support the insidious plan of surrendering Kars was carried out.

(Video without title image, but it is working).

Vigen Avetisyan

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