Gampr Dogs to Guard the Borders of Armenia

Gampr Dogs to Guard the Borders of ArmeniaIn September 2016, the Kennel Union of Armenia entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia in order to enhance the defense of the state’s borders.

The program has been in development during the last several years, and it will soon be put into action. Subsequently, the Armenian state borders will be supervised by not only border guard units but Gampr dogs as well.

Upon reaching an age of slightly over 4 months, the puppies will undergo strict screening. The goal is to identify good-tempered puppies capable of perceiving any commands. After vaccination, the puppies will pass special training courses. Afterwards, when the puppies’ baby teeth are replaced with permanent, they will be accepted for service.

In 1985, our fluffy friends guarded the Far Eastern borders of the Soviet Union. In those years, the breed was neutrally called “shorthaired Caucasian shepherd dog”. Taking into account the experience of Soviet specialists in regard to the application of Gampr dogs, it was agreed to employ that practice in modern Armenia.

The Armenian Gampr dog is the ancestor of many modern breeds. They perfectly tolerate cold and can perform their duties in complicated environments. Gampr dogs are also vigilant and are quite used to defending the territory of their owners because the breed has long been used in livestock guard.


Unknown Armenia: Gampr

Армянский Гампр

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