Garegin Nzhdeh – The Struggle of Sons Against Fathers

Garegin Nzhdeh – The Struggle of Sons

The worst thing is that our people are constantly convinced that they are weak, need someone else’s protection, and they thereby weaken themselves, deprive themselves of their will and ability to organize self-defense on their own.

Instead of fully utilizing the spiritual powers of the nation, we began to look for patrons. Tomorrow, with such attitudes, we will disappear completely.

We will be saved if we free ourselves from prejudice, try to stand up on our feet thanks not to external influence or according to someone else’s desire but as a result of our internal, natural, uncontrollable impulse.

Only in this way can nations be liberated.

If assisting forces appear along this path, they must be used as allies, friends. Use, not rely on them – if the Armenian realizes this difference, it will mean that he is on the way to salvation.

To this day, we are looking for benefactors and patrons, which means that we are sick, weak, and immature in spirit.

Now, we need to talk about allies because we want to become a healthy and courageous soul.

Allies, not benefactors – this means that a brave Armenian is looking for a comrade for self-defense, for war. This is the right of the brave, the one who decided to win alone and is looking for victory.

Courageous people enter into an alliance only with such a person, other governments reach out only to such people. Let’s realize this truth. To be saved, one must become bold, conquer one’s fear.

Garegin Nzhdeh

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