Garo Paylan – “Human Bones Everywhere”

Garo Paylan – “Human Bones Everywhere”Member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Turkish politician of Armenian descent Garo Paylan recently visited the city of Van in Turkey to get acquainted with the situation near the local Armenian cemetery. The local authorities had some time ago allowed the construction of a public restroom.

According to the newspaper “Akos”, Paylan is assured that the territory of the restroom used to be a part of the Armenian cemetery. “Everywhere were human bones. The public restroom and the café were clearly built at a cemetery. I feel pain realizing that we weren’t able to protect even those who are no longer with us,” said Paylan.

Paylan also remarked that a spring restored back in 2015 stopped working. This spring is situated near the quarter where Armenian painter Arshile Gorky used to live. The city hall of Van also removed the plaque with the name of Gorky.

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