Grave Of A Woman With Jewelry From The Period Of The Kingdom Of Van Found In Van

Excavations in the Hayots Dzor district (Turkish: Gyurpnar) of Van province have uncovered the tomb of a woman from the Kingdom of Van who was buried with many ornaments. This was reported by the website of the Turkish state television and radio company TRT.

According to the source, excavations in Van continue under the Head of the Department of Archeology of the Literary Faculty of the University “Hundredth Year”, doctor, and professor Rafet Cavusoglu. The remains of the woman will be studied in an anthropological laboratory, after which the causes of her death and the exact age will be determined.

In a conversation with a Turkish media reporter, Professor Cavusoglu said that earlier, these excavations “confirmed how important the tradition of burying the dead with decorations was for the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Van.”

“The last grave we excavated belonged to a woman aged 20-25. It is especially important here that this woman was buried with all her jewelry. It looks like a bag tightened with a drawstring. This skeleton shows that the art of decorating women during the Kingdom of Van was at a very high level. We are convinced that this skeleton belongs to a woman of noble descent.”

The Turkish scientist also reported that two bracelets, a bronze ring, earrings, and a necklace of semi-precious stones were found on the skeleton.


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