Hidden Khachkars Near the Tmbkaberd Fortress, Georgia

Tmbkaberd was a Medieval Armenian fortress in Gugark province of the Greater Armenia. Now it is located in Georgia, on the left shore of the Kura river (Turkish: Kura, Armenian: Կուր, Kur).

Under the rule of prince Tatul, who has been famous for his bravery and incorruptibility, it has been one of the most powerful fortresses of Armenia.

The fortress is situated on three hills, surrounded by a 150-meters-long wall. Several towers can be seen on the top of each hill. Near the fortress is the village of Tmbuk, at the cemetery of which there are numerous khackars and graves with tombstones with Armenian inscription on them.

Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan wrote the poem The Capture of Tmbkaberd (1902).

There are many khachkars in the canyon not far from the fortress, but it seems like they have been thrown away by someone. Was that done in an effort to hide traces of past Armenian presence?

If so, then people who have done it are in no way different from the government of Azerbaijan, which simply destroys every Armenian monument on its territory. At least, the monuments in Georgia are not wiped out as those in Azerbaijan.

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