History of Armenia in Art

History of Armenia in ArtThe history of each nation is somewhat reflected in its culture and art. But some nations’ history leaves its marks only within a country, while the history of others becomes deeply imprinted in the culture of other nations or even the whole world.

For Armenians, it is definitely honoring that the map of their country has been carved on the walls of the Coliseum in Rome. And when you remember the attitude of the Azerbaijanis towards the Armenian history as well as the policy of Russia, the “strategical ally and partner” of Armenia, such artifacts receive even more importance.

Armenia is depicted not only on stone in Rome. The culture and history of Armenia are also showcased in world museums in France, the Netherlands, Italy, and many other European countries. Armenian artifacts even reached Near East and Americas!

The short film presented below only covers a fraction of the Armenian history reflected in Armenia’s art.

Armenian History in Art

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