“History Of The Armenian Church” By Catholicos Aram I Published In Arabic

In recent years, the history of the Armenian Church has become easily accessible, comprehensible, and concise, especially for young people. This is thanks to a detailed book by Catholicos Aram I that recently became available to the general public.

His Holiness has written a book on the history of the Armenian Church in English. Up until now, it has been available in three languages – French, Russian, and Persian.

We are pleased to announce that the Arabic translation of the book was recently published by the printing house of the Antalya Mother Monastery. Therefore, the book is now available in 5 languages (English, French, Arabic, Russian, and Persian).

Complete professional work and complete proverbial vocabulary were completed by Dr. Khuri Azezyan.

We would also like to inform you that the German and Greek translations of the Patriarch’s book are ready and will soon be published.

Source: Asbarez.com

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