Human Rights Defender of Artsakh: Streets of Stepanakert are Filled with Refugees

People are desperately searching for their relatives, calling the ombudsman’s office in hopes of hearing any news about their loved ones. This was stated by the Human Rights Defender of Artsakh, Gegham Stepanyan.

“The streets of Stepanakert are filled with displaced persons. They are hungry, scared, and in a state of uncertainty,” Stepanyan noted.

It should be recalled that on September 19, Azerbaijan launched a large-scale offensive against Artsakh. As a result of Azerbaijan’s attack, more than 200 people died and another 400 were injured. In Baku, actions aimed at destroying the civilian population of Nagorno-Karabakh were termed as “localized anti-terrorist measures.”

In Yerevan, concerned citizens about the fate of Artsakh are holding a rally in Republic Square in Yerevan.

They are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. They also call on the authorities to open a humanitarian corridor to transport the residents of Artsakh to Armenia.

Before the rally, citizens organized acts of disobedience on various streets of Yerevan, blocking several roads and calling on fellow citizens to join them.


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