Illustrations of Armenian Women, An Important Part of the Armenian Society

Illustrations of Armenian WomenIn the years of the Russian Empire and especially the Soviet Union existed a stereotype that Caucasian women have played only second roles in the society regardless of their nation. This probably has been a part of their bigger project of eliminating the national identity of Soviet Caucasian countries. After all, back in the days, the term “individual of the Caucasian nation” floated throughout the Soviet Union.

Armenian women also fell into this “category”. However, despite their modesty, women have never been underestimated in Armenia. Moreover, Armenian women rarely play second roles. As an example, the responsibility for the decisions in regard to family questions often falls on Armenian women. But in spite of the role of Armenian women, men aren’t henpecked in the Armenian society, somewhat thanks to women themselves.

Armenian women need to be viewed completely separately, not how it has been done in Soviet years. In the end, the image of an Armenian woman is an inseparable part of the Armenian culture. And artists of all times have always found something unique and worthy of perpetuation in Armenian women. For now, we only publish two illustrations, but we will supplement the list in the future.

As a conclusion, here is an axiom: the role of women in a society greatly impacts its level of culture.

Armenian lady of constantinople 1850 from the european lithography by janeta lanzh publication flandin
Woman sfahan 1850 in the european litografia by janeta lanzh publication flandin

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