In 2019, Armenians Were The Most Hated Group In The Turkish Press

A special report was produced and published as part of the Hrant Dink Foundation’s Hate Speech in the Press Project. It covers the hostile statements or articles in the Turkish press in 2019 against ethnic and religious groups.

4364 press releases were examined for the report. 108 of them contained hate speech against more than one group. A total of 5515 hate speech statements were used against 80 different groups.

Hate speech target groups were as follows:

  • Armenians, 803 statements.
  • Assyrians, 760.
  • Greeks (Greece), 754.
  • Greeks (Turkey, Cyprus, etc.), 603.
  • Jews, 676.
  • Christians, 334.

Armenians are mainly targeted in articles on the Khojaly events and the Armenian Genocide, in which they are often mentioned alongside or associated with the military-political organization of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or ASALA. The media are especially anti-Armenian in the context of the conflict with Azerbaijan.

Overall, 51 percent of hate speech against Armenians was published in the local press and 49 percent in the national press.

The nationalist newspaper “Yeni Akit” was the most hateful, containing 263 statements. It is followed by “Yeniçağ” (155), “Diriliş Postası” (131), “Milli Gazete” (123), and “Milat” (118).


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