In Lake Sevan, Divers Found Human Remains And Wreckage Of A Boat

This year, underwater archaeological work was carried out in Lake Sevan on the joint initiative of archaeologists, an expeditionary group of geologists, and divers of the “Armdiving” club.

A rescuer diver who had taken human bones and fragments of a boat ashore in 2012, having learned about the joint initiative of divers and archaeologists this year, handed his finds to the divers for scientific research.

Earlier, an archaeological expedition carried out excavations of the ancient burial site “Artanish 23” located near Lake Sevan. This site dates back to the 12th-6th centuries BC.

On the initiative of the same expedition, the first archaeological excavations in the village of Artanish were carried out last year. One tomb was excavated in the territories of the burial grounds “Artanish-29” and “Artanish-23”.


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