In Search Of Roman Gold – Treasure Hunters Drained A 12,000-Year-Old Lake In Historical Armenia

An ice age lake, estimated to be at least 12 thousand years old, dried up after a group of treasure hunters conducted invasive excavations in it. Although allowed, the excavations were of a very controversial nature.

The treasure hunters received official permission from the administration of the governor of Gyumyushkhan province. As Planet-today reports, this permission wasn’t agreed on with scientists.

Two treasure hunters attempted to find the long-lost treasure of Legio XV Apollinaris. Legio XV Apollinaris is considered one of the four largest military units of the Roman Empire in Asia Minor. According to some reports, in 134 AD, the unit was stationed in the territory of what is now Gyumyushkhan.

The excavations were carried out quite officially and were even under the supervision of local law enforcement officials who did not allow outsiders to the site.

Be that as it may, the lake has been completely drained. Moreover, it has also been partially covered with land. In fact, the bottom of the lake has become a pile of stones and soil.

As experts note, the treasure hunters did not assume that the theorized age of the lake would be accurate and believed that it had been formed here just during the years of the Roman legion.

Scientists, shocked by such events, argue that to conduct such excavations with drainage, it was necessary to obtain official permission not only from the governor but also from at least five state institutions.

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