“Intent to Destroy”, A Film About the Armenian Genocide Awarded the Best Documentary Film

“Intent to Destroy”, A Film About the Armenian GenocideIn October 2017, portal Deadline reported that the film “Intent to Destroy” directed by Joe Berlinger won the top Best Documentary Film Award at 2017 DOC LA. The film was released on November 10, 2017.

Combining shots from the feature film “The Promise” with archival images and interviews with experts, the purpose of “Intent to Destroy” is to uncover the reality of the atrocities carried out by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians in the years of WWI. In the film, Berlinger discusses the Armenian Genocide with historians, scientists, and renowned cinematographers. The director stressed that the Armenian Genocide has resulted in new crimes against humanity in the following years.

“It is a privilege to be a part of this process. We will work long and hard to tell the world about what happened so the 1915 events become known in every corner of the world,” said the president of Abramorama Richard Abramowitz, who partook in the creation of the film.

The original score for “Intent to Destroy” was created by Serj Tankian, a famous songwriter and frontman of the alternative metal band System of a Down. Tankian wrote on his Instagram page that “Intent to Destroy” is one of the most powerful films he has watched lately.

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