It is Obvious that Under the So-Called Repairs of the Gas Pipeline, the Azerbaijani Authorities Have Secretly Installed a Special Valve: Tatoyan

Former Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan wrote on his Facebook page.

“It is obvious that under the so-called repairs of the gas pipeline, the Azerbaijani authorities have secretly installed a special valve so that whenever they want, they can cut the gas supply to Artsakh.

This is a deliberate act that causes serious humanitarian problems and mass violations of rights, leaving more than 100,000 peaceful population, hospitals, kindergartens, children, and the elderly in Artsakh without heating and hot water in cold weather.

But this is the real situation, expressing the real intentions of Azerbaijani authorities; their genocidal policy.

I have been warning so much with the evidence and facts that after the war the Azerbaijani authorities did not reduce their policies of Armenophobia, hatred, and animosity. It will not happen, because it is a source of political life, a way to divert their people from internal problems by an external enemy and to maintain power.

Isn’t it clear that Azerbaijani authority’s statements about peace do not correspond to reality, they are just a veil for the outside world?”


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