It’s Time For The World To Recognize The Republic of Artsakh – Turkish Journalist

Turkish journalist and political scientist Uzay Bulut believes that it is time for the world to recognize the Republic of Artsakh. As reported by “Armenpress”, Bulut wrote about this in an article published on the website “Modern Diplomacy” within the context of the conflict unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh.

The Turkish journalist begins the article with a historical overview of the military actions that began on September 27, noting that Azerbaijan began to persecute Armenians living in the Artsakh Republic and particularly Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh.

“During the hostilities, Azerbaijan struck not only on settlements, including Stepanakert, but also on Armenian cultural monuments. On October 8, Azerbaijanis attacked the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi. Ghazanchetsots is one of the largest Armenian churches in the world. The church was bombed twice, and three journalists that were documenting the consequences of the first strike were wounded in the second bombing,” the journalist wrote.

Bulut cites in the article that in the 1990s when the Azerbaijanis occupied Shushi, they stored their weapons and shells in Ghazanchetsots. They used these resources to shell the city of Stepanakert. Even after the end of the war, traces and remnants of Azerbaijani weapons remained in the church, but the Armenians were able to restore the church in a very short time, allowing girls and boys to marry there for many years.

“Azerbaijan began its aggression with the direct support of Turkey. The President of Turkey in his address to the Azerbaijanis said: ‘Blessed be your gazve (in Islam, “gazve” means fighting or attacking non-Muslims with the aim of expanding Muslim territory and converting non-Muslims to Islam).’

Thus, Erdogan openly stated that the attacks on the territory of Armenia are jihad. Turkey has also sent 1000 Syrian jihadists to Azerbaijan to fight against Artsakh,” she said.

In her article, Uzay Bulut dwelt in detail on the problem of Artsakh, the expansionist neo-Ottoman aspirations of Turkey, the massacre of Armenians in Sumgait and other cities of Azerbaijan, and stressed that the overwhelming majority of the population of Artsakh are Armenians.

“An effective way to stop the violence and destruction is to officially recognize the Republic of Artsakh, for the protection of which the indigenous Armenians have sacrificed so much throughout their history,” Bulut concluded.


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