It’s Time to Meet the Armenian People Halfway and Banish the Asiatic Horde from Armenia

It's Time to Meet the Armenian People…The tsarist government banned running charities in the Caucasus for the suffering Armenians! (1894) then Russian Foreign Minister and Chancellor of the Russian Empire Prince Lobanov-Rostovsky with the consent of Nicholas II came to the aid of the Sultan.

He announced to Cary that the Russian government “refuses to take part in any coercive measure “against the Sultan in favor of the Armenians.” (this was in June 1895).

Now, let’s skip all the other tragic events of the times of the Russian Empire known to everyone and have a look at the early years of Soviet power in the “new” Russia.

People’s Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR G. Chicherin writes:

“It is necessary to take advantage of the presence of Sergo to resolve the issue of Armenia in connection with the position of the Kemalists. They have people, there are leaders, but the armament is running out.

This makes their position critical. We could only send them weapons through Armenia. Three months ago, Armenians agreed to provide us with freedom in transit but due to the stubbornness of Azerbaijan in border disputes, the agreement was stuck.

Now, the Armenians beat the Turks and are very brazen. According to Kirov, the Dashnaks received ammunition from Wrangel (or rather, from the Entente through Wrangel). According to Comrade Sergo, it is now hopeless to attempt getting the right for transit from the Dashnaks without control over Armenia.

Comrade Sergo asserts that not too many troops are required for the Sovietization of Armenia. He spoke to the Commander-in-Chief and found out that these troops could indeed be obtained. In this case, the Sovietization of Armenia will begin. The defeat of the Kemalists would severely impair our positions in the East.

(AVPR. F. 04. On. 51. P. 321 A. D. 54875. L. 33. Copy)

Comment by Rollo Hrolf: Maybe we should stop sheltering this Asian horde in our country? What did we gain from this “friendship”? Maybe it’s time to meet halfway our nation that is scattered around the world thanks to all sorts of benefactors and local national traitors and unite into a single nation in a single state instead of artificially making groups opposing each other?

P.S  The first three paragraphs are from Why Armenians are rioting – F. Volkhovsky – part IV. The rest is from the letter of the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR G. Chicherin to the political bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party on the need for the Sovietization of Armenia to ensure transit of weapons and ammunition through its territory for the defeated Kemalists.

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