Komitas Performed by Japanese Musicians

Komitas Performed by Japanese Musicians

Japanese musicians Amy Matsubara and Toshiko Ono impressed the Internet by performing works of the great Armenian composer Komitas.

To the accompaniment of pianist Takahiro Akiba, who, by the way, had been in Armenia more than once, the musicians performed “Oh Nazan” and “Dle yaman”.

Their performances were published on the webpage of the Komitas Music Society in Japan, as well as on their Facebook page. This organization under the tutelage of the Armenian Ambassador to Japan Hrant Poghosyan and famous Armenian musicians popularizes the works of Komitas in the land of the rising sun.

Famous Japanese historians, teachers, conductors, and musicians are members of the Komitas Music Society in Japan. Armenian viewers expressed their delight under the videos and praised the musicians for their spiritual performance.

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