Kurds Living In Historical Armenia: “We Live In The Homes Of Armenians”

Residents of the border village Kilittash at the border of Eastern Armenia and Western Armenia have told us about the property left there by the Armenians. After the deportation of the Armenians, the Kurds living here have acknowledged that they have been living in the homes of Armenians.

The border village of Kilittash in the Digor District of Kars Province and modern Armenia are separated from each other by the Akhuryan River.

After the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the village was settled by Kurds. The Kurds who moved here from neighboring villages have continued to use Armenian churches, houses, and all property left by the Armenians.

Shahin, a resident of the village, said that they have not built any houses in 100 years. Instead, they have used Armenian property.

“My house used to belong to Armenians. We still live under their roof,” said Shahin.

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