Lenin – We Sacrifice Armenia for the Sake of World Revolution

Lenin – We Sacrifice Armenia for the Sake of World RevolutionThis document will be of most interest especially to those who still think that the Russian military base in Gyumri has been deployed for the security of Armenia. Turkey doesn’t attack Armenia not because of the presence of the said base but because they are afraid of losing the “gifts” in the form of the lands of historical Armenia they have received from Russia in the early 20th century.

The Russian military base in Gyumri is a guarantee of the execution of the criminal “Moscow Treaty” of friendship and fraternity between the Turks and the Russians at the expense of Armenia and the Armenians

Apart from that, a Turkish blitzkrieg is impossible. Additionally, the Turks still haven’t managed to fulfill their plans through others (Russia – Azerbaijan), and the 2016 April War is the biggest testimony to that.

The importance of this document lies in the fact that the policy of modern Russia doesn’t differ from that of the newly-established Soviet Union. Moreover, the policy of the Russian state towards Armenia has remained unchanged since the days of Peter I the Great.

So, the document number 644 from December 26, 1920, published in Volume I of “Nagornyi Karabagh in International Law and World Politics” compiled by Dr. of Law Yuri Barsegov reads:

From the recording of the telephone conversation between the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the Armenian SSR A. Bezadyan, a member of revkom of Armenia A. Mravyan, and G. Atarbekov about the position of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky regarding the Armenian question

When we pointed out the terrible condition of the Armenian people and the threat of the derogation of the Communist Party in the eyes of the Armenian workers, we received the following answer [from Lenin]:

We are forced to temporarily sacrifice the interests of the Armenian workers for the sake of the interest of the world revolution. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania shared the same fate.

You should know that even the disputes with our Latvian comrades didn’t stop us, and some of them left the party. All we can do for Armenia now is provide them with supplies and money, as well as deploy, as much as possible, troops in the territory of Armenia in order to make Angora more accommodating. But remember comrades, we are not going to war against anyone for the sake of Armenia, and especially against Kemal.”

That’s why we decided to leave Sahak and Karinyan in Moscow so they neutralize the influence of Stalin and prove to Lenin the correctness of our point of view.

Armenia. Political and Ethnic Boundaries. 19878-1948. Anita L. P. Burdett (ed). Archive Editions, 1998, pp. 654-656. Source of the document (Russian): Барсегов Ю.Г. Нагорный Карабах, page 607.

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  • Three nice guys. They bear a resemblance to natural born thieves and brigands. Hypothetically , if the Russians did not have an army base in Armenia; how do you rate armenia’s Chances of continued survival as a state, nation,or race ? It is understandable that Russian have their interests to protect. If their geopolitical interests ( or imperial impulses, as some like to refer) dictate to have an army base in Armenia, surely this factor alone is a deterrent to potential Turkish and Azerbaijani armed assault against Armenia ? Or does anyone imagine that the USA,Eu, ( neo imperial ambitions) would then move in to replace the Russians ? Remember 1920. Supposing they did move in to replace the current “ occupants”, would that result in the new “occupiers) to be more desirable for Armenia’s interests ? The Russian army base is , at this geopolitically historical juncture, a defense guarantee against predatory designs of the two Turkish states, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Nations and their inter relations are driven solely on the basis of national interests.

    • The Russian military base in Armenia is a guarantee of the fulfillment of the illegal Moscow treaty of 1921, which is beneficial for Turks and Russians. The rest is either an illusion, or an delusion, or a lie.

  • There are many Hrayrs out there who think that without Russia’s ‘protection’ we wouldn’t have an Armenia today. Russia, even from the time of their Great Tzars, didn’t care about Armenia and the Armenians. Actually, Russia pre- and post-October Revolution, had continued the Armenian Genocide. Bolshevik Russia not only gave our lands away to Turkey and Azerbaijan, but also murdered or exiled to Siberia our great intellectuals, writers, painters in order to control us. And, these last 30 years, their control continued by using the trio of PMs to steal and destroy our natural resources, our factories, etc.. We need to unite, get rid of the cancer in our country, and build an independent Armenia and yes, we can do it. Don’t believe the lies of the devil, that because we are surrounded by enemies, we need Russia to protect us. Russia is our enemy. Any other country but ours should be in charge in building our future. Yes, we can do it together🇦🇲

    • A very accurate historical description of what happened and what is happening. Thank! I fully agree with you, but, unfortunately, today in Armenia, neo-Bolshevik propaganda is also being strictly used, which has led and continues to lead to misfortunes. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to unite efforts and kick away this abomination from our Motherland.

  • I hope so called Bolshevik Armenians will wake up and realize what damage their comrades have had caused to Armenia. Stupidly they call others “tavajans”, where the real “tavajans” undoubtedly they are.

  • Well, you got two Jews and Stalin is questionable. I do not think the Russian czars had that much contempt for us.

    Prove me wrong.

    • Examine the history of Armenia of the period that interests you, and you yourself will be convinced of your wrongness.

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