Maps of Armenia During the Macedonian Empire – No Azerbaijan in Sight

Maps of Armenia During the Macedonian EmpireThe maps presented below are particularly interesting from the standpoint of the modern policy of the neighboring Azerbaijan. As you can see, there is no country named Azerbaijan to the east of Armenia on the shore of the Caspian Sea.

There is merely the region called Albania, which the Azerbaijanis are desperately trying to connect themselves with to prove their false indigenousness to those territories and ultimately to Armenia.

Fortunately, there is enough solid data to prove the reality of Armenia and the lies of the Azerbaijanis, which have been circulating from the very day of establishment of the Soviet Union. All this just to break the Armenian unity and identity in order for the Soviets to fulfill their imperialistic dreams. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, their political legacy has been inherited by Russia.

Another issue is the association of the modern Republic of Armenia with Caucasus. For some reason, Caucasus geographically spreads much further than the Caucasus Mountains themselves. From the point of geography, it doesn’t matter whether Armenia is in the Caucasus region or not.

What does matter, however, is the tries of the Soviets and now the Russians to associate the Armenians with the population of the Caucasian regions of the Russia, so the Armenians become just “those Caucasians”.

That actually is the way Russians contemptuously call the Armenians, although they have nothing to do with the region. And if not for the strong national identity of the Armenians with their traditions, culture, religion, and language, those attempts would have long become successful.


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