Modern Technology and Children

Modern Technology and ChildrenIt is important to notice the impact of new technologies on children’s health and psyche. When technology gives us an easier way to solve problems, the older one starts to fade away. That is a good thing indeed, but we started, for instance, to walk less as means of transportation were invented, which oftentimes affects our health in negative ways.

A similar threat can be seen in the modern world, where physical activity for children, necessary for health, is being displaced by latest technologies. Exercise helps to keep the hormonal balance of the body and overcome stressful situations. Nowadays the prevalence of new technologies in lives of children, especially during adolescence, can be detrimental, if parents are not engaged in keeping their children’s health in a better condition.

It would be impossible to simply solve the problem by just forbidding children to use computers or smartphones. Moreover, if you block kid’s access to the Internet, he loses the main source of knowledge and skills required in all spheres of human activity. Under excommunication from the latest technologies children can face the risk of not only not getting information, but also losing connection with life in general.

Much depends on the parents. If older generation payed attention, the problems would not rise, but if the parents weaken their attention even for a moment, the consequences could be dire. Today children spend much time playing video games, not going out just to walk, although gaming could give them some benefits in the matter of programming, modelling and other aspects of video game making, which in the future may even become their job.

In the not so distant past almost any tech related work could be only done by qualified specialists. Today, many users, for example, can make the initial configuration of their home network themselves. Later the same situation might occur in programming.

For this reason, children should actively participate in training programs, especially in those concerning new technologies. Accordingly, the entire load and responsibility for the physical and psychological health rests on the parents and the older generation.

They have to understand both the good and the bad technology does to them and their children. All inventions and technology of human kind are double-edged, and for those to not leave a detrimental effect on children’s health, it is necessary to properly organize their everyday life, balancing physical activity and rest.

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