Montserrat Caballé Passed Away After Charles Aznavour

Montserrat Caballé Passed Away She sang the “Krunk” of Komitas and became an Armenian, and we, shocked, listened and understood that there is some kind of incomprehensible level at which a person becomes a citizen of the whole universe, above the minor matters most of the people are busy with.

Montserrat Caballé passed away, leaving us her “Krunk”, “Barcelona”, “Norma”, “Isolde”, “Turandot”, and the rest of her whole repertoire composed of the greatest operas.

What a bad week this was: we lost two legendary singers. But the week is not to blame for anything: this is life with its laws – the greatest minds leave us, providing us with more space to progress and develop.

Montserrat passed away after Charles.

…It was 1964 AD. On that day, Caballé was going to sing in the “Madame Butterfly” when her colleague who was to play the leading male role got sick. He would be replaced by operatic tenor Bernabé Martí. The script implied a kissing scene, and Martí kissed Montserrat so passionately on the stage that they ended up marrying.

A few years later, Martí left the stage: it was said that he did not want to be in the shadow of the all-consuming talent of his wife. But it is unlikely that he did not understand the unattainability of the heights Caballé occupied before their marriage. He most likely devoted himself to the family and freed the time of his wife for her scenic performances.

The consequences of a car accident in which Montserrat Caballé got in her youth would show themselves years later. As the doctors explained, the receptors of her brain responsible for lipid metabolism were damaged, resulting in rapid weight gain. Caballé would say that one glass of water had the same effect on her as a weighty piece of cake.

In several years, she was diagnosed with cancer.

She only shrugged as she was above physical ailments – she wrote her own diets, covered the figure flaws in original clothes, and simply did not pay attention to cancer. And lived to be 85 years old.

When she once arrived in Armenia, she didn’t even hesitate whether it was worth going to Artsakh (Karabakh) or not. She would visit Artsakh several times. As a result, at the end of 2013, an album titled “Armenia and Artsakh: the Island of Christianity” was released.

“Artsakh is not just an island of Christianity, it is the origins of Christianity. A Christian to my fingertips, I fell in love with Artsakh,” said Caballé back in the times. Montserrat Caballé did not pay any attention to the protests of the neighboring state, Azerbaijan, regarding her visits to Artsakh.

Caballé made her second trip to Artsakh with her granddaughter.

“I arrive here as a singer. In addition, I represent the United Nations. I offer you my hand and heart,” she said.

It is the greatest honor to be offered the hand and the heart of the great. But it is also the greatest responsibility to be worthy of such an offer.

The great ones leave, and from there, from above, they always look down. They are not watching everyone but only those who have the potential. They would be happy to look after everyone but we, unfortunately, cannot yet provide them with this little joy.

by Ruben Gulmisaryan

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Монсеррат Кабалье исполняет песню Комитаса “Крунк”

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