Mosque Built By An Armenian Architect Among The Cultural Heritage Of Turkey

A mosque located in the village of Ashagybarak in the province of Nevşehir was inscribed on the list of the cultural heritage of Turkey.

According to Haberturk, the mosque was built in the 1850s by an Armenian architect, and there are only two such mosques in Turkey. This architectural structure was inscribed in Turkey’s cultural heritage list precisely because of its uniqueness.

A 92-year-old resident of the village of Ashagybarak Niyazi Karajan told the story of the construction of the mosque.

According to him, for the construction of the mosque, the villagers invited a craftsman named Keklik who said that the best mosque could be designed by Armenian architects.

“Then, the Armenians would build both churches and mosques in Nevşehir. An Armenian architect arrived and developed a project for our mosque,” Niyazi Karajan said.

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