Myths about airplanes

Myths about airplanesTravelling by planes is incredibly common. So existence of some myths about it shouldn’t be surprising. Here are couple of them.

1.Opening plane’s door while in flight is a death wish -Actually, the door is pressured so it’s impossible to open it without having superhuman strength.

2.Dumping human waste while in flight- This is just ridiculous, for pilots and stewardess are physically unable to commit such an act. They won’t have time for that. And human waste is heavier than you think.

3.Turned mobile phones (or any other electronic devices) are causing problems- One phone will not cause flutter in plane’s navigation system. There isn’t only one person, but there are many others on board, and so much working devices would interfere with communication.

4.Catching cold is easier on the planes- Nor really. High Efficiency Particle Air Filter (HEPA) system are not installed on the planes just for the show. Filtering the air occurs every two or four minutes. And you wouldn’t want to take a plain with a cold, because while sneezing you may hurt an eardrum or two.

5.Geting stuck on toilet sits while flushing- Only if you seal every corner of the sit it with your bum, but not permanently. Although it would be quite a scene, don’t you think?


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