Nemrut, ruins of the Armenian Pantheon of Gods

Mount Nemrut in ancient Armenia houses the ruins of the Armenian Pantheon of Gods built by Antiochos I in the 1st century BCE, who was one of the kings of Commagene, one of the four Armenian Kingdoms.

The Armenian kingdom of Commagene rose in 162 BCE and Antiochus I Theos, who lived from 68BCE to 40 BCE, could claim dynastic ties with both Alexander the Great and the Persian Kings (Livingston, 2011, p. 25).

Antiochus I Theos was an Orontid and Kamakh (Commagne) was within Armenian historical lands mentioned in Assyrian inscriptions as Kamakh, part of Arme.

The pantheon structure contained eagles and lions, and the five primary deities: Aramazd, Anahit, Mihr, Vahagn, and Tir.

God Tir was the god of science, wisdom, culture, and literature, as well as interpreter of dreams. He was the messenger of the gods, particularly to Aramazd, and was associated with Apollo.”

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