“No” to the Ridiculous Term “Ancient Turkey”

“No” to the Ridiculous Term “Ancient Turkey”To have the British Museum rename the “Ancient Turkey” hall “Anatolia and Urartu“, an Armenian Zepyur Batikyan organized a serious campaign to collect signatures in order to acknowledge the falsification of the history of Armenia and the whole humanity. It happened in 2016.

Justice was partially restored. The non-existent term “Ancient Turkey” was condescendingly replaced by “Anatolia and Urartu”, a term that came into historical use from the submission of masters of falsification Diakonoff and Piotrovsky.

However, in this case, this renaming can be really considered an achievement and the first step towards recognizing the real history of mankind, in the falsification of which the UK also took part.

In her statement, Zepyur Batikyan said,

“I can be proud of my achievement as I was able to cope with this case, and the “Ancient Turkey” hall of the British Museum was renamed “Anatolia and Urartu”. Of course, I would like that hall to be renamed “Armenia” or “Armenian Highlands”. The first step to restore justice was made nonetheless.”

There is no doubt that there is something to be proud of! Hopefully, the absurd term “Ancient Turkey” will go into oblivion.

Zepyur expressed her gratitude for the support to the initiative of the deceased Armenian Ambassador in the United Kingdom Karine Ghazinyan as well as the Minister of Culture of Armenia, Armenian and British historians, those people who helped to collect 12,000 signatures.

In the statement of the source, it was noted that the items displayed at the museum are related to not Turkey but Urartu. It is also pointed out that the gallery often exhibits Armenian artifacts of different periods, but their cultural identity is covered up.

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  1. What did we expect from Turkish loving English mentality…Who cares about England any way; in less than a generation that island will be no more…

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