Our Only Way Out is Independence – Levon Shant

Our Only Way Out is IndependenceLevon Shant (1869-1951), an Armenian writer, storyteller, deputy chairman of the parliament of the First Republic of Armenia wrote:

“In political life, as in personal life, only one who has a sense of self-esteem gains respect and friendship.

Russia, having turned us into an obedient tool and clashed us with our neighbors, at critical moments will always take the side of the Tatars or Georgians; because Georgians and Tatars, only by virtue of their resistance and demands, will represent a force with which Russia will have to reckon when making its decisions.

And what is the point of Russia unnecessarily worrying about its “friends”, pathetic Armenians who refused to exercise their own will and who fully rely only on Russian weapons for self-defense?

Those who, deep in their hearts, did not unconditionally abandon their Homeland, their national identity, their Armenian nation, should simply and clearly realize that it is impossible to receive either benefits or time for respite from others. If we want to live as a nation, overcome and develop, our only way out is independence. There is no other way.”

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