Plasticity of A Good Actor

Plasticity of A Good ActorWhat qualities should a good actor have aside from actor’s talent and other specific qualities? Maybe, the same qualities needed for any person? With one, probably, very essential difference. For a normal person certain qualities are desirable, but they are a must for a good actor or an actress.

Most people do not know how to listen. The absence of this feature in everyday life might not even be felt until encountered. But at work, especially in acting, absence of the ability to listen makes cooperation with a person almost impossible.

Actor is the storyteller of the story he or she plays. And the more closely he listens and delves into it, the better he can convey the message because of his unique acting talent. Some actors are able to tell stories only of a certain genre, and some can paint any tale in colors.

One of such indisputable talents of our time is the English actor Tim Roth. He can tell any story in such a way that it will remain in one’s memory for a long time and in all details.

Roth can easily play a silly porter, a notorious scoundrel, a brilliant musician, a psychologist or a detective. The whole gamut of acting magic from comedy, tragedy and detective are subject to him.

There is not a single film starring Tim Roth in which there would not be a powerful emotional outburst, in both his early paintings and later works. And one of those early films of Tim Roth is the film “Four Rooms” by Quentin Tarantino.

A detailed story by director Quentin Tarantino can sometimes be boring, but he knows how to select the right ensemble, which can smooth out any roughness in the work. The film “Four Rooms” confirms this.

In the historic film “Rob Roy”, Tim Roth played an egregious rascal, a sadist and a murderer so well, that after his character was killed in the final scene the colors of the environment outside the film also acquired a shade of relief.

And, of course, it is impossible not to mention the genius work of the actor in the film “The Legend of 1900”. The subtle perception of the world around him enables the musician to shift his feelings to the musical keys of the piano throughout the entire film.

The legend of 1900-piano scenes Duel part 1

The legend of 1900-piano scenes Duel part 2

Plasticity of acting is one of the most valuable characteristics of actors and actresses. That plastic now and then occurs in many other actors of our time. But only in case of Tim Roth it is able to emphasize all the characteristics of his characters, be they comic, courageous, mean or kind.

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