Porta Monastery In Ardvin Needs Restoration

The Armenian Monastery of Porta (Փորթա) located in the village of Pernal, Historic Armenia, is awaiting restoration. The monastery complex built by Ashot I, a 9th-century Armenian king from the Bagratuni dynasty, consists of a church, chapel, bell tower, and fountain. Unfortunately, it was recently plundered by vandals and Turkish treasure hunters.

Interestingly, Turkish sources claim that the monastery was built by Georgians, but the source of this news inadvertently admits the Armenian origin of the monastery, claiming that it was built by Ashot I Bagratuni.

According to the source, the residents of this village demand that the monastery be restored as a church complex to stimulate the development of tourism.

Nurettin Avji, the mayor of the village of Purnally, noted that this monastery complex was the center of the Ardvin monasteries. According to the head of the village, it is necessary to build a road to the monastery and restore the latter.

Thus, the Turks are trying to attribute this monastery complex to Georgians. Meanwhile, as you know, many monasteries and churches in the Ardvin province were built by the Armenians and then attributed to the Georgian heritage.


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