Proposal of Ataturk to Soviet Russia on Joint Military Operations Against Armenia

Proposal of Ataturk to Soviet RussiaThe document presented below contains the proposal of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk of a joint Russo-Turkish offensive on Armenia, which would be eventually realized. Today, as we have been repeatedly mentioning over the last weeks, there is a tendency for the recurrence of history.

Officially, Russia calls Armenia its ally, even though it continues to supply both Azerbaijan and Turkey with various weaponry, provoking a local and possibly a large-scale conflict.

Armenians have never been afraid of hostile Turks, Azerbaijanis, or Russians. What’s much more threatening is the appearance of individuals with Armenian surnames in the Russian political apparatus who openly support the hostile policy of Russia against Armenia.

It is crucial to realize that those people aren’t mere opponents but a threat to the national security and sovereignty of Armenians in both Armenia itself and in Russia. Let’s also not forget the recent statements made by a vice-president of Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev.

Proposition of the speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Kemal to the Soviet Russian government on joined operations against Armenia

Angora, April 26, 1920


We accept the liability to unite all our efforts and all our military operations with the Russian Bolsheviks who are aimed at the struggle with imperialistic governments and the liberation of the people downtrodden by their power.

Secondly. If Soviet forces propose military operations against Georgia or if they diplomatically and through their influence force Georgia to enter the union and undertake the expulsion of English from the Caucasus, then the Turkish government will undertake military operations against imperialistic Armenia and will make the Republic of Azerbaijan enter the circles of the Soviet republics.

Thirdly. To firstly drive out the imperialistic forces that occupy our territory which is inhabited by our nation and to secondly reinforce our interior power for the continuation of our global struggle against imperialism, we ask Soviet Russia to provide us as first aid with five million Turkish lira in gold, arms and ammunition in an amount that is to be specified during future negotiations, and apart from that, some military-technical instruments and sanitary material, as well as food for our troops that will have to operate in the east in accordance with the Soviet government’s requirements.

We ask you to accept our most respectful greetings and sincerest feelings.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Kemal

 Dispatch of the diplomatic representative of Armenia in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the prospects of the realization of the Pan-Turkic idea of the seizure of Armenian territories with the support of the Red Army

April 29, 1920

The president of the temporary People’s Commissariat Sultanov informed Haydar Bamatov that the Red troops, which had already occupied Yevlakh, are on their way through the Shusha highway to join the Anatolian Army. He informed that Georgia isn’t a threat to them, but if the Dashnak government shows resistance, they will have to war. I don’t consider this assumption – the attempt to contact the Turks through Karabakh, Zangezur, and Nakhichevan – to be impossible.

Dipredarmen Tumanyan

 Source:, Documents 410 and 411, pages 425 – 426

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