Russia accused Armenia of non-recognition of the Russian-Turkish border

The CSTO Council and its members separately advised Armenia to demarcate the border, after which they should turn to them for help, and the Russian representative said that the demarcation of the border is already underway, but, unfortunately, there are failures

Unlike the United States, France and Iran, which unambiguously advocated the territorial integrity of Armenia, Russia claims that Armenia does not have territorial integrity.

The current borders of Armenia are indeed illegitimate in the sense that they are determined by the illegal Russian-Turkish treaties of 1921 and the illegal decisions of the Soviet leadership.

And Moscow does not hide its fear that Yerevan and its partners may one day start talking about the illegality of these agreements.

“Armenians still remember the period of the First World War and do not consider the borders of the Armenian SSR fair,” writes the Russian state agency. It is their recognition that will help resolve the crisis, the agency’s expert believes, stating that the West “plays the issue of the Armenian Genocide and Karabakh from its own interests.”

Earlier, the Russian media began to “recognize” the role of Russia in the joint occupation and division of Armenia with the Turks, that is, the appearance of those borders that Russia wants Armenia to recognize.

Russia and Turkey (not counting Aliyev) depend on the signature of Armenia, realizing that without it their countries could fall apart like a house of cards.

According to: (site unavailable) Qristonya Hayer

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