Russia is Responsible for the Alienation of Armenian Territories – Viktor Krivopuskov, 2006

Russia is Responsible for the Alienation of Armenian TerritoriesIn this material, we are going to present to your attention the statement from 2006 of Victor Krivopuskov, the then president of Russia’s Society of Friendship and Cooperation with Armenia. Though the present state of this organization is unknown, this statement should be mentioned, remembered, and even inscribed in history.

Russia is personally responsible for the alienation of Armenian territories

As a successor state to the USSR, Russian Federation is responsible for the alienation of Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenia by the Bolsheviks in 1921, as stated by the president of the Society of Friendship and Cooperation with Armenia Victor Krivopuskov. He expressed his regret of the exchange of complementary telegrams after the signing of the Treaty of Moscow on March 16, 1921.

“It is rather strange to, say the least, commemorate this not exactly fortunate day for Russia and especially its strategic partner Armenia. In accordance with the Treaty of Moscow, western Armenian territories, as well as the Kars Governorate and the Surmalinksy Uyezd were alienated to Turkey, in defiance to the Treaty of Sevres,” said Krivopuskov.

According to Krivopuskov, the Moscow Treaty’s goal was to draw the Young Turks into the worldwide socialistic revolution in the Near East. “As a result, the Turks not only acted in the traditional eastern way and saved the empire from division but also received significant territories from the Soviets for nothing, as well as achieved the division of Eastern Armenia into three areas.

It would be appropriate to renounce the rude venture of the Bolshevik predecessors, or at least say nothing. By the way, it won’t be a surprise for me if on October 13, our Foreign Minister solemnly commemorates the 85th anniversary of the Treaty of Kars that had enforced the mentioned shameful Moscow Treaty,” said Krivopuskov.


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