Russia torpedoed the document on Armenia? — UN Security Council meeting

Today, the UN Security Council will again discuss the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border by the letter of the permanent representative of Armenia to the UN to the chairman of the Security Council.

The day before, the issue was also included in the agenda of the meetings at the request of the French presidency of the UN Security Council. The consultations were held behind closed doors.

After yesterday’s meeting, only Russia’s representative Nebenzya made comments, saying that the Russian Federation insists on including in the UN Security Council document a reference to the tripartite statements of the heads of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan. Russia also hopes that the document may include the efforts “which the CSTO will undertake after the meeting of the Collective Security Council.”

Recall, after the CSTO meeting, it was decided to send a monitoring group, which has not yet arrived, to the zone of the “Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict”, and the bloc’s Secretary General Zasya, who promised to visit Armenia next week.

Russia has long sought a UN mandate to carry out peacekeeping missions both for itself and the CSTO, but to no avail. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, such a mandate looks incredible.

But the fact is that Russia, which has the right of veto in the UN, can, under this pretext, torpedo a probable decision of the UN Security Council to send international troops into the conflict zone.

She probably did just that yesterday.

“We insist that there must be a reference to the tripartite statements of the presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia from 2020 and 2021, which are the basis for the normalization of relations between the two countries, contain calls and commitments for a ceasefire, as well as a number of projects that the parties are in Within the framework of these agreements, we must undertake, this process is already underway, to normalize relations,” Nebenzya said.

Other members of the UN Security Council, the United States and France, do not recognize tripartite statements as a basis for further peace. The November 9 statement is recognized only as an agreement on a truce in the 2020 war, and the settlement of the conflict requires other discussions and documents.

The fact that another meeting of the UN Security Council on the issue of Armenia will be held today indicates that yesterday Russia, in fact, disrupted the adoption of the relevant decision, and presumably France and the United States will insist on their draft decision.

France and the United States, in connection with the Ukrainian conflict, have repeatedly made statements in recent days about the inadmissibility of forceful decisions and the international legitimization of forceful expansion.

This position is also valid in relation to Armenia, part of which was annexed in 2020 by Russian-Turkish efforts. Evidence of this is the Russian-Turkish intelligence center in the occupied Artsakh Akna.

Now Russia and Turkey are trying to legalize the annexation by forcing Armenia to sign a surrendering “peace treaty” and torpedoing the legitimate decisions of the UN Security Council.

Armenia still continues to call the Russian Federation and the CSTO an ally both at the level of power and at the level of the opposition, and vows not to betray the “allies”.


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