Russian Tourists Love To Visit The Ishak Pasha Palace Built By Armenian Architects

The Ishak Pasha Palace stands on a high plateau surrounded by cliffs on 3 sides. The structure is located near Mount Ararat.

According to representatives of the Doğubayazıt Tourism Office, the interest of foreign tourists – especially Russians – in the palace and the region is amplified by its rich history associated with Russia.

“During both Russian-Turkish wars in 1828 and 1877, the palace was occupied by Russian troops. In the last war, the Turks besieged Doğubayazıt for 23 days, trying to knock the Russians out, but failed to take the fortress.

According to the San Stefano Peace Treaty, the fortress was given to Russia, but the Berlin Congress returned part of these lands to the Ottoman Empire,” says Yusuf Çetin, professor of history at the University of Iğdır.

He also added that the palace of Ishak Pasha was founded in 1685 under Cholak Abdi Pasha. The construction took 99 years and was completed under his grandson Ishak Pasha II. This was the last large-scale construction of the “tulip period” – the heyday of culture and arts.

Armenian sources say that the architects of the palace were Armenians. On the outer walls of the palace are depicted Armenian traditional ornaments along with symbols of grapes and pomegranate, which are characteristic of Armenian architecture. Running lions are also depicted, which symbolize the Armenian royal dynasty of the Bagratids.


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