Secret of Artsakh’s (Nagorno-Karabakh) Victory

Secret of Artsakh’s (Nagorno-Karabakh) VictoryMy younger friend asked me a question yesterday: “What helped us to win 20 years ago?”

Of course, this question came to my mind before and every time words like “spirit”, “steadfastness”, “loyalty” appeared in my head. It might sound overenthusiastic and seem like bragging, but at the same those words cannot answer the question fully.

And I told him a story … Victory

A simple guy, son of a well-known person in Karabakh, lived in Stepanakert. Despite that, the boy didn’t stand out and was like every other naughty fella in the town.

He had dreams and plans for his future… But then the war came. And he along with his friends rose to defend his homeland. He was a simple warrior, a freedom fighter like everyone else.

One day their squad reclaimed enemy’s well-fortified positions and entrenched. Intending to restore their positions, the enemy threw forces almost tenfold greater than the forces of guy’s squad. Seeing that the unit would be encircled in few moments, the commander gave order to retreat in hope not to lose his people.

The guy and his two friends stayed to cover their retreating comrades. Friends were shot at from everywhere with everything the enemy had. Guys tried to detain them more with single fire. While the two were shooting, other one was sitting in the trench and reloading magazines.

Soon enemy’s soldiers came close enough for a grenade throw. Using their superiority, they covered the trench with a dense gunfire and began throwing explosives.

But the three friends managed to stop them with shooting back, preventing the enemy’s even closer approaching.

The grenades fell into the trench. But, by some miracle, they managed to throw them out of the trench, harming the rival surrounding them.

Another three grenades immediately fell into the trench. The guy managed to throw out two grenades and rushed to the third, taking over all of the deadly fragments.

The remaining guys inserted the last magazines into their guns and counterattacked, shooting last bullets. The enemy simply left most of remains of the platoon in front of the trench and pulled back…

That is how I explained it to him. Thanks to people like them we have won 20 years ago.

Written by Sergey Nagorny

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