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Sirak Was Born in Ararat

The first Aryan was born in Ararat. Arius created an Aryan. And the first happiness and suffering were established in Ararat.

Arius’s son was mighty like his father, for he was God, albeit an earthly one. But he was not as happy as the other gods. He did not like anything, he was not content with anything. And everything in Ararat bored him and caused suffering.

“My son,” said Arius, “In this wonderful Ararat, you are the first born creature. Why are you not happy with your birth?”

“I do not know what is happiness,” answered his son.

And Arius said:

“Happiness is when you feel that you belong to Ararat and Ararat belongs to you and when you love everything that is yours.”

The son of Arius said:

“All this is not mine, it is only for me.”

And Arius understood that he was the first Earth God who created an imperfect Aryan. And he fell into great sorrow.

“Oh, Father Ar,” he said, “Is it really possible for charius (anti-Arius) to be born from Arius? You have created me in Ararat so that happiness and creation would be established on Earth. But my first creation turned out to be imperfect.

He does not feel the happiness of birth, the happiness of life, the happiness of creation. His whole life is only misery and boredom. And with his suffering, he is sowing and boredom around him.”

Mother Goddess Anahit appeared to Arius and said:

“By the will of Ar, I have come to you. Know, my son, that from Arius, charius will never be born. You made an Aryan. But know that your son is an imperfect god, he is merely a god-human. And he in himself must create his perfection and achieve divinity.

Tonight, Father Ar will divide the ‘I’ of your son into many ‘I’s. And from now on, your son will constantly seek the integrity of his ‘I’. And loving himself, he will love everything and everyone that is part of his ‘I’.

So he will be happy. And having become happy, he will become perfect and attain divinity. He himself will become the source of love, Sirak, and affirm love in the Arias.”

And on that night when the son of Arius was sleeping, Ar divided his “I” into numerous “I”s.

In the morning, the son of Arius woke up. He looked around and saw that everything had changed, everything was new. The sun smiled merrily at him, the water murmured songs to him, the trees gracefully tempted him…

The son of Arius was surprised, and it seemed to him that everyone was alive, everyone was breathing and talking to him. He watched with admiration this miracle of Ararat that he had never seen before. And in these miracles, he saw himself – himself outside himself.

“Am I still sleeping?” he thought and rubbed his eyes. He made sure that he was not. But he was himself outside himself and in many personalities… Was this really not a dream?

He ran to Arius.

“My father,” he shouted, “Am I really seeing a dream in reality? A lot of personalities, and all – myself, and the Sun, and stones, and the water, and flowers – are talking with me.

Arius smiled and answered:

“This is not a dream, my son, this is reality. By the will of Ar, this is all you, this is your integrity in different personalities. And it’s all yours, not just for you. You live in and through them. And by keeping them, you save yourself. By loving them, you love yourself. You must constantly seek your integrity in them. And if find your integrity, you will attain divinity.”

And the son of Arius began to seek his integrity. And in search, he became happy. Divine love awakened in him – self-love in its entirety. And he saw himself in all the parts of his integrity. And he was devoted to all of them, he strengthened them.

And so love and creation were affirmed in the Aryans. And the son of Arius called himself Sirak.

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